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KPS Capital Group seeks opportunities for the acquisition and development of capital assets in the energy and manufacturing sectors of Pre-Emerging, Emerging, and Developed economies.


Our interests include power generation facilities both in the renewable and thermal divisions. These assets would represent both existing and new construction.


Our manufacturing interests include the development of industrial parks with all necessary supporting improvements to attract foreign investments in manufacturing, assembly, and distribution.


Our infrastructure interests involve the development of and improvements to the electrical grid to accommodate the increased demand from new foreign investment and thus the need for more electrical generation into the grid. We also seek the development and improvement of airport and shipping port facilities with the increase and upgrade of connecting road and railway improvements to facilitate the movement of corresponding goods and services.


Our investment strategies ensure a more complete environment for a successful and vibrant economy which provides for confidence in the soundness of our investment.


Our approach to investment is pro-active and encompass a macro as well as a micro view of a region or a nations economic development.



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